Usability Tests within the

Financial Industry


Last 2017, we were contracted by a major international bank who wanted to perform thorough Usability Tests on their new online banking interface. We recruited 10 individuals of a very specific profile and performed 10 full Usability Tests and live streamed the tests to the client in the US who watched remotely.

The Client

The bank is one of the top international banks generating over 70 billion USD in annual revenue.

The Challenge

The client provided very strict requirements on the type of people they wanted to test who were selected based on their age, salary bracket, and what type of bank products that they used.

Our Work

We prepared test scripts, recruited the participants, provided full annotated videos of the tests to the client. We also prepared a prioritised report matrix which identified which issues the test subjects had and prioritised them by which issues would have the largest effect on improving the usability of the interface.
On-off Group Usability Test
On-off Group Usability Test