About Us


On-Off Group was born from a desire to create positive solutions that solve real world problems for other human beings. We want to make it easier for people to get what they need.


We believe that by starting with empathy, by being constantly curious and by seeing the world as if for the first time, we can bring about positive change in the world.


We live for positively effecting the world around us through our work and we’re not afraid to ask tough questions to get it done.



Core Pillars


We stand by our five core pillars:


1. We solve problems: we must always be able to either answer the challenge, “What problem are we solving here?” or if we cannot answer yet, we must be exploring the problem area.


2. We validate assumptions: assumptions can be dangerous. We must first recognize when we’re making assumptions and then validate them as soon as we can.


3. We’re human-centered: truly connecting with people on a personal level is the best way for us to provide value to each other.


4. We care: we wouldn’t be anything without each other. We recognize that and aim to serve each other and our customers to the best of our abilities.


5. We learn: the world will leave us behind if we don’t keep up. We strive to continuously learn to remain competitive and relevant.


– Phil Smithson, July 2017

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