Client Testimonials


Mary Grace Riguer, OIC-Executive Director, ILS-DOLE:

“We’re used to engaging in partnerships with organizations outside, even international organizations but the difference with your group is that you are readily accessible, and the support we get from you is highly commendable and highly appreciated.”


Jay Fajardo, CTO, Medifi:

“On-Off Group brings us an objective perspective on our product’s usability. As expected, their team immediately pointed out flaws in our User Experience approach which would never have surfaced if it was left to us. We’re not even half-way done and we’re looking forward to continuously working Phil and their team.”


Matt Mayberry, President, WholeWorks:

“On-Off Group did a great job interpreting our vision for this project and translating it into a much-improved user experience. They were easy to work with and delivered a great result ahead of schedule. I’d definitely turn to them again for our next project.”


John Michael Maleniza, Customer Care Specialist, McDonald’s:

“I’ve been working for over 5 years handling customer complaints. Thanks to the work done by On-Off Group I discovered things that I didn’t know about our customers.”


Angel Paje-Ileto, Program Director, Makati Medical Center Foundation:

“You were also more hands on than we’d expected and because of the program you designed, we were confident the teams could deliver whatever they were supposed to deliver. You weren’t just there to organize and coordinate but to ensure they submit whatever they needed to submit. Your availability by text, email and face to face meetings to mentor the teams made it easy for us.”


Mark Jacinto, Managing Director, M-Ocean Recruiting:

“Highly Recommended – Design Thinking Workshop. if you’re in corporate, start up, SME’s, govt. Anywhere where creative problem solving is critical. I learned how to really really get to a deep understanding of what clients need and compress them into general themes. I learned how to generate lots of ideas at a really fast pace. I learned how to develop solution models/prototypes and ideas really fast. Then TEST them really fast. I learned how engaging your customer is critical throughout the process. Definitely NOT another useless workshop.”