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  • Innovation is the key that drives success. It’s what keeps old companies relevant, and new ones on the radar. But as much as innovation is important in a workplace, some compa

  • Attending workshops is a great way to learn new skills as a team. After all, workshops are made to train people in certain abilities through a well-crafted curriculum specific

  • Step by step, On-Off Group is becoming a more transparent organization, both externally with clients and prospects but also internally with each other on a human to human leve

  • “You have to have the humility to take a pause and ask ‘does this help the people we serve?’” – Mary Grace L. Riguer, OIC-Executive Director of ILS-DOLE Whichever countr

  • Many people have been in situations wherein Design Thinking presented itself as a pathway to a great solution, yet may have seemed a little too much like “common sense.” Desig

  • UX Design is all about solving the problems of your customers. But there isn’t any design manual available that can give you the easy and absolute solution to your customer

  • Some parts of the Design Thinking process can be used independently of the rest. When everyone else is busy on other things and can’t directly contribute to the overall projec

  • Planning things becomes much harder when more people are involved. My family encountered a problem like that when we were planning our trip to London at the end of the year. F

  • Marco Manuel is an intern at On-Off Group. He is currently a college student and is interested in expanding his knowledge on User Experience and Design Thinking. I think of my

  • The more projects we do, the more workshops we run, and the more people we teach, the more we find that the theoretical definitions of User Experience rarely survive first con

  • We sat down with Cathy Blanquesa, a UX/UI Specialist. She’s been working in the industry for over 10 years.

  • Been hearing about UX for years now but you don't feel like your team has really adopted it properly? UX can be hard - there's a lot to learn.

  • We reviewed their site and our analysis showed that even if we managed to fix their SEO, their site had many more problems than that.

  • If we must make assumptions then the best one to make is “I assume all of my assumptions are wrong”.

  • Whether your output is a new mobile app, a new banking service or a PDF report for key stakeholders, you’re a Designer.