Scientific site analysis

Assess the usability and utility of your digital product against a set of established usability principles. We’ll help you visualize the results, highlighting your site’s comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Benchmark your site against others
Specific analysis of issues with suggested fixes
Get broad usability feedback
Quantitative-based approach
heuristic evaluation - on-off group

Our approach to creating a Competitive Analysis

✓ Understand your users – discovering their needs and motivations in using your site.

✓ Understand your user behavior – what do you want your users to achieve on the site? How do they currently do this?

✓ Identify the top tasks that you want them to perform. Are these tasks important to your users? Do they know how to do these tasks in the first place?

✓ Analyze your site based on a relevant and established heuristic model and compare your results with other competitors in your industry.


See how we helped a top Filipino bank

A top Filipino bank was redeveloping their online banking corporate site and wanted to have a deep understanding of the usability of their current interface and in particular the parts that were lacking in terms of user experience.