Identify end-to-end opportunities

Get visibility on your customer’s the holistic, end-to-end experience. Create a coherent and consistent experience for your customer from social to your website to your call center and beyond. Which things are hard for your users to do? What things are easy for them to do? How can you make it better?

Understand your customers end to end journey
Visualize your site User Journey as well as non-digital touchpoints
See pain points and delight points
Get marketing, sales, development teams on the same page
customer journey map

Our approach to Customer Journey Mapping

✓ Understand your customers through personas

✓ Identify what tasks we want them to perform

✓ Identify what stage we want them to go through

✓ Are we delighting them when they perform these tasks?

✓ What are the specific pain points they experience?

✓ What are opportunities for us to make it better?

✓ We map this journey and create print-outs for your team’s reference. This can get all of your teams (Sales, Marketing, Product) on the same page and create one single, agreed upon understanding of your customer’s journey.

mcdonalds on-off group collaborations

See how we helped McDonald’s

We performed a Customer Experience workshop for the client’s Customer Service team in order to give them visibility and understanding of their client’s customer journey to identify pain points and opportunities which their team could take advantage of.