True, human-centered innovation

From one day to two months and beyond, we’ve run customized Design Thinking programs for the Australian Government, the Philippine Government, BPOs, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.

“I used to think design was just design, I didn’t know anything about the upstream part starting with using empathy to create impact and creating a strategy for innovation.”


-Mary Grace Riguer, OIC-Executive Director, ILS-DOLE, speaking after the training.

Design Thinking with a purpose

Attend our Design Thinking workshop and leave with an energized workforce. We’ll help you come up with tailor-fit and actionable team-generated insights into how to improve your business. Our facilitators provide training support both before and after your workshop to ensure that your companies specific needs are met.

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Cross-department collaboration

Engage your company’s teams from Admin, HR, Marketing, Sales, Production, Operations, and beyond to break down silos and encourage creative problem solving at the process, product, or service level. Attendees gain a new appreciation for the work other departments do, understand how they individually play a role as part of a larger  system, and learn the tools and techniques in how to contribute to the continuous innovation and growth of the business.

Master Design Thinking

Understand and learn how to practically apply Design Thinking against your company’s greatest growth, strategy, client, process, or employee challenges. Our expert facilitators guide your whole team through the Design Thinking process beginning with a base of Empathy to Problem Definition to Ideation and all the way up to Prototyping and Testing actual solutions.

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Design Thinking for the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Full analysis and recommendations

By request, we’ll provide you with a full analysis and recommendations following the workshop based on the work done by your team in the workshop and our team’s insights and observations on how you worked together. More than just a “one-off workshop”, we prioritize delivering value to your company and that means getting actionable insights and support post-training.


“This will be a hard act to follow for the other workshops [we will do]. I also like that this was a collaborative workshop that gave us the chance to work with each other to get feedback fast while also learning that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a prototype and test.”


– Dan from Unilab


“We greatly appreciate your effort & learnings, it was such an insightful workshop, looking forward for more!”


– Marj So from Club Media


“I didn’t think a 3 hour workshop like this would teach so much about getting something done and teach so much but I was wrong. In 3 hours, we were able to have a very energetic and collaborative workshop that I think everyone was able to learn something from.”


– Unilab workshop attendee


Design Thinking in the Philippines

Our training team blends perfectly a global and local appreciation of the cross-cultural intricacies in Hong Kong, Indonesia and The Philippines in particular. We’ve designed and delivered training programs for a wide range of industries from international banking institutions to global insurance companies to government organizations to the military to 3 man start-ups.

ADB – Finance – Design Thinking Training program designed to optimize cross-department collaboration and internal process for over 50 attendees.



Club Media – Advertising – Design Thinking workshop 

for over 80 attendees + post-training support on analysis of findings and implementation.


AFP – Military – In partnership with Makati Medical Center Foundation, we designed and conduct a 30 day Design Thinking program for members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to identify problems with the Hospital Management Information Systems.


DOLE – Goverment – Designed and delivered a program for over 80 attendees from the Philippine Government’s Department of Labor and Employment to introduce cutting edge Design Thinking strategies for better designing government policy. Material used by the UK government’s Policy Lab was introduced.