Design Thinking

Design Thinking with Makati Medical Center Foundation and AFP

ADB sought to inspire design-led collaboration in conjunction with their 6 Pillars of Innovative Thinking. By the end of our program, the participants developed a clear understanding of Human-Centered Design and how they could apply this to their work.

How Might We improve the patient experience at AFP hospitals?

The Challenge

Makati Medical Center Foundation partnered up with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to work on improving the quality of the military hospital experience and communication between departments.

MMCF’s Project CUPPPID program was started to help four branches of the AFP (The Air Force, The Army, The Navy, and The Surgeon General/General Headquarters) generate solutions for their information communication problems inside the hospitals, particularly focusing on the Hospital Management Information Systems.

Design Thinking was the chosen methodology because the project involved understanding the current problem and coming up with actionable next steps.

Our Work

We designed and ran a program that required the participants to practice empathy to understand the situation in military hospitals in order to solve the right challenges.

The program kicked off with a half-day Design Thinking training boot camp for the participants to form a game plan about the problem they wanted to solve.  

We then initiated a 30-day program wherein that the participants were able to apply Design Thinking to the execution of their project. This included hospital visits once per week to truly empathize with the scope of problem.

Our team initiated check-up meetings once per week with each team to provide guidance and support.

The Impact

Over the course of the program, the team was guided through the stages of the Design Thinking process in which they were able to perform their own interviews, create personas, journey maps, and problem statement definitions.

The ideation and prototyping activities culminated with video pitches of their solutions that were presented to a panel of judges. A winning team was chosen and entered a 3 month incubation program to help them develop their ideas further.

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