Creating a new way of going to the gym

As part of our mentoring work with startups from IdeaSpace PH, we extend user experience consulting help to teams who need a push in the right direction. Ia Hernandez, founder of has been consulting with our team on a regular basis for over 4 weeks in order to help her improve the overall user experience of her website.


By curating high quality fitness activities and gyms in and around Metro Manila, Fit Access aims to bring together a dynamic community of Filipinos who share the same love for fitness.
Our team is giving clarity to her over branding, value proposition and user experience to answer questions like: How do we engage new users? How do we quickly show them what Fit Access is about? How do we get them to start using the platform? What user need are we really solving?
A lot of User Experience happens off site and the experience with our team has been eye opening for Ia, who said:
“I am too guilty of [not considering the user], having initially built a product out of my personal painpoints and not really considering if it’s really a problem worth solving on a bigger scale.
My experience so far with UX has been eye-opening. I got to debunk a lot of stereotypes in my head, beginning with:


 1. The UX designer does not have all the answers. Founders need to be actively involved in the process. 


2. The designer alone is not responsible for making the UX successful. Everyone working on the product contributes to the overall UX. 


3. And most importantly, Functionality trumps design!! 


It’s not too late, I would say, for those who already have their products out (regardless if they’re startups or full-blown companies).
As long as we keep an open mind, listen to our users and accept being wrong, we might be able to save our business even if they’re on the verge of being shut down.”

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