Leo Lallana

Leo Lallana - Design Thinking Strategist - On-Off Group

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Leo Lallana is a Design Thinking Strategist for On-Off Group based in Manila, Philippines. Together with his team, he helps businesses create innovative solutions for pain-points specific to their operations.
He facilitates Design Thinking workshops that encourage business leaders to employ empathy to address their customer’s and stakeholder’s needs. 
Leo has delivered workshops to various private and public institutions including top Filipino universities, national government units and multi-national conglomerates across a variety of industries.
Some of his notable clients include: 
Conti’s Bakeshop
“How might we— encourage our people to be innovative and accountable for implementing change ideas so that we can address changing customer needs?”
Cobena (a Microsoft Partner) 
“How might we— have a single source of truth for all data points (internal + external) so that the sales team can access data faster and simpler?” 
“How might we— be able to establish a regular, timely, and accurate dissemination of divisional directions and information?” 
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
“How might we— approach our work and deal with clients innovatively through the use of technology and other available means?”
“How might we— create a company culture that promotes full appreciation of generational/cultural differences and build on each others’ strengths?”
Prior to becoming a full-time Design Thinking Strategist, Leo served as the Learning Experience Director of Learn Tagalog Fast, another company owned by On-Off Group’s founder, where he spent hundreds of hours bringing the world’s best Tagalog language courses to countless expats and foreigners.
Leo has undergone various courses specific to his expertise such as Habi’s Design Thinking for 21st Century Learning and Design Thinking at the Asian Institute of Management to international online programs like Applied Design Thinking course from IDEO University, one of the leading global institutions of innovation. 
He has also taken supplementary training like the PSIA 36th Enablement Seminar: Using Emotional Intelligence in the VUCA World and the Civil Service Commission Mentoring and Coaching for Leaders course. 
Outside of work, he’s passionate about long-distance running, late-night reading, and having insightful conversations with people.