A 30 day Design Thinking innovation program


We sat down recently with Angel Paje-Ileto, Program Director and Marge Barro, Executive Director, of Makati Medical Center Foundation (MMCF) to talk about Project CUPPPID (Connectivity Upgrade through Public-Private Partnerships in Information Design), a Public-Private Partnership run for the benefit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), which launched on February 14th 2017. The goal of the program was to bring innovative thinking to people who are traditionally seen as staid and formal.


MMCF’s Project CUPPPID program was started to help four branches of the AFP (The Air Force, The Army, The Navy, and The Surgeon General/General Headquarters) generate solutions for their information communication problems inside the hospitals, particularly focusing on the Hospital Management Information Systems.


On-Off Group was engaged to design and run a 30 day Design Thinking program.

[Full article coming soon, last updated: July 31st 2017]

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