Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Training

“I’ve been working for over 5 years handling customer complaints. Thanks to the work done by On-Off Group I discovered things that I didn’t know about our customers.” – John Michael Maleniza, Customer Care Specialist


We performed a Customer Experience workshop for the client’s Customer Service team in order to give them visibility and understanding of their client’s customer journey to identify pain points and opportunities which their team could take advantage of.


100% Filipino owned, McDonald’s Philippines is one of the country’s leading fast food chains with over 500 restaurants nationwide.

The Challenge

The sheer complexity of the interactions and high volumen transactions was a particular challenge in gaining “one single view” of the customer journey.

The Work

We performed a full day customer and user experience workshop which covered understanding who their customer is, what they want and what is their current customer journey. We also helped ideate solutions to the customers’ pain points and prototyped some potential solutions.

See how we helped Medifi

We were contacted by Medifi to perform a UX consultation including a full UI/UX review of their application to see how we could increase user interaction. We spent time focusing on the wider customer journey and less on their actual user inteface. We learned that their user onboarding process before users even arrived on the site could be improved.