Usabilty Consulting & UX Audit

“On-Off Group brings us an objective perspective on our product’s usability. As expected, their team immediately pointed out flaws in our User Experience approach which would never have surfaced if it was left to us. We’re not even half-way done and we’re looking forward to continuously working Phil and their team.” – Jay Fajardo, CTO, Medifi

on-off group


We were contacted by Medifi to perform a UX consultation including a full UI/UX review of their application to see how we could increase user interaction. We spent time focusing on the wider customer journey and less on their actual user inteface. We learned that their user onboarding process before users even arrived on the site could be improved.


Medifi is a cloud-based web app that allows remote doctor and patient consultation through its set of telehealth features. It is revolutionizing healthcare and offers features such as health profile management, video consultations, and medical imaging support.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to increase application usage from both doctors and patients. Busy doctors can’t afford the time to learn a new system so we had to design a better way for them to onboard themselves and their patients.

The Work

Upon understanding the full customer journey, it became apparent that they were not making it as easy as they could for their customers to sign up on the site and make Medifi an integral part of their already full days of running a clinic. The interesting part of this project was that most of our discussions revolved around the experience before the user started actually interacting with the user interface.

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