Reduce user friction

Understand how your users are experiencing your site, can they easily accomplish tasks? Can they find what they need without too much trouble? Why aren’t more users converting? What’s holding them back? Find out the answers to these questions and more by doing formal usability studies in a controlled environment.

Increase conversion rate
Reduce task time completion
Identify pain points
Measure behaviour not preference

Our approach to Usability Testing

✓ Planning tests – plan the test by understanding who your users are through personas and what they expect to find on the site. This is also where we sit with your business to understand the reason for the usability test.

✓ Usability Test script preparation – prepare the script that we will use during the usability test.

✓ Test Moderation – perform the tests with a minimum of 3 – 5 users, sometimes more depending on the requirements.

✓ Identify usability findings – Identify the major issues in the tests and create a report for your team.

✓ Annotated Videos – we provide edited, annotated videos to report on the major findings of the test. A video of a poor user experience can be a very persuasive technique especially for upper management to see.

✓ Workshop session with your team to present results and get your team’s ownership over next steps. We take care to handle this carefully knowing that your team can already be emotionally invested in the product and don’t appreciate third parties coming in and pointing out problems.

See how we helped a major international bank

We were contracted by a major international bank who wanted to perform thorough usability tests on their new online banking interface. We recruited 10 individuals of a very specific profile and performed 10 full usability tests. We live streamed the usability tests to the client in the US who watched remotely.