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Improve your team’s understanding of UX while improving your product’s usability. Get the help you need when you need it with someone embedded in your team.

Experienced consultants
Human-centred approach
UX Process advice
Upskill your team

Our approach to User Experience Consulting

✓ Discuss with your team – we need to know what your problems are currently and how you think we can help project-based or long-term placement


✓ Work with your team – we work closely with your team to ensure your business’s problems are solved in an efficient way with maximum impact to your users


✓ Embed a resource within your team – you have the option to place one of our resources long-term or short-term within your team to help drive a Human-Centred Design approach to your process and advise on correct UX practices

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See how we helped Medifi

Medifi is a cloud-based web app that allows remote doctor and patient consultation through its set of telehealth features. It is revolutionizing healthcare and offers features such as health profile management, video consultations, and medical imaging support.