Reduce user pain points

Drive more user interactions by fixing major usability problem areas for your users and making it easier for users to do things on your site. By putting ourselves in your users shoes, we can experience the site as they experience it and identify both quick wins and longer term strategies.

Increase conversion rate
Reduce task time completion
Identify pain points
Understand behaviour not preference

Our approach to User Experience Reviews

✓ Understand your users through personas (or use your existing ones)

✓ Understand your user flows – what do you want users to achieve on the site? And how?

✓ Understand the wider picture – how do users get to your site? Social? Ads? Offline?

✓ What are they expecting to see or do on your site?

✓ Go through the expected user flows and identify pain points

✓ Prepare actionable improvement points your team can work on immediately

on-off group

See how we helped Medifi

We were contacted by Medifi to perform a UX consultation including a full UI/UX review of their application to see how we could increase user interaction. We spent time focusing on the wider customer journey and less on their actual user interface. We learned that their user onboarding process before users even arrived on the site could be improved.