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Which UX Workshop Should You Take?

If you’re reading this, chances are you probably know about User Experience (UX) and you’re convinced that it is important for business development, but you aren’t sure which one you should take. Though they are equally as valuable as the other, this article will hopefully help you decide on which one is right for you.

We are currently offering two UX courses: the one-day Introduction to User Experience course, and the three-day User Experience Certification course. Both are thorough, hands-on programs for learning how UX works and how it should be applied. Attending any of the two workshops will be beneficial to your understanding and adaptation of the framework.

UX Introduction Course

Given that the Introduction course is much shorter, it encompasses the same topics, but gone over in a more concise and compact curriculum. Though much shorter, attendees will finish the course understanding the value of User Experience and its uses, how usability is measured, how to collect credible and valid research data, how to visually represent findings through the use of journey maps, personas, and other aids, and how to create and test low-fidelity prototypes of your products and services.

The course was designed for project managers, designers, developers, team leaders, and startup founders who want to incorporate UX into current and future projects and inter-team activities to help your business stand out in your industry.

UX workshop

UX Certification Course

The Certification course is a more specialized curriculum designed to prepare attendees to take the BCS User Experience Foundation Certificate test, which extends and solidifies their credibility in the field. It was made to help higher level employees such as department heads and key decision makers master the fundamentals of User Experience, align their team’s understanding of what UX is and how it is being applied in their company, and follow ISO 9421, the international standard for human-centered design, usability, and accessibility.

Its limited number of tickets allows a more hands-on and direct learning experience, and also allots more time for better discussion and understanding of each aspect of User Experience, making it great for those who want to influence workplace culture with usability and human-centered design, or those pursuing a more UX-centered career.

UX Workshop Benefits

Overall, both courses were carefully designed to guide your learning. Attending either would merit knowledge that can vastly improve your workspace, and create better experiences for the stakeholders of your business.

Completing either course will leave you with everything you need to know about applying User Experience ideologies and processes to your projects. It includes topics such as planning and conducting effective interviews, understanding and revising tasks, assessing usability, collecting and presenting data in a visual and coherent form, creating personas and customer journey maps, designing and testing low-fidelity prototypes, and everything in between.

You can reserve tickets to the one-day Introduction course or three-day Certification course by sending us a message here, or by emailing us at hello@onoffgroup.com. Alternatively, you may request for a private crash course for your company or team to get a taste of how UX can benefit your business.

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