“The experience was great. It will definitely help me understand more about our customers! Thanks for this wonderful day!”

Algie Ramirez, Customer Care Specialist

What you’ll learn

This is a great chance for you to learn from experienced trainers with considerable industry experience. After this workshop you will:


  1. Understand the UX process and why it’s essential
  2. Have experience “doing UX” and the ability to apply it after the workshop 
  3. Knowledge of how to position and implement it within your organization
  4. A detailed understanding of common UX research methods and techniques
  5. Be ready to start implementing UX methods 

“I had a good time and I learned a lot. Refreshed my interest & confidence in conducting UX again.”
Jackie Keh, Business Process Analyst

Our commitment

We know that choosing the right UX training can be tough.


At On-Off Group, we want to make sure you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.


That’s why all of courses have:


  • Hands-on learning to help you learn by doing to improve retention
  • Access to the trainer even post-event to ensure your questions are answered
  • Professional trainers with industry experience

“I’ve been working for over 5 years handling customer complaints. Thanks to the work done by On-Off Group I discovered things that I didn’t know about our customers.”
John Michael Maleniza, Customer Care Specialist

Who should attend

Product Managers, UX Designers, Interaction Designers, UI Designers, Programmers and Developers, People who want to develop their skills in a new area, People wanting to transition from their current role into UX.

Course Overview

Introduction to User Experience Design

A brief introduction to UX, where it came from and why it’s important.

Usability Principles and assessing usability

What are the principles behind how easy to use something is and how do we formally analyze it.

UX in software development

How does UX fit into the traditional, non-traditional and lean software development process.

User Research

Learn the different types of user research and how to conduct effective qualitative techniques like context inquiries, diary studies, observational studies as well as quantitative techniques like surveys and data analysis.

Understanding who we’re designing for

Explore personas and other techniques as a tool to help us keep in mind who we’re designing for.

Journey Maps

Learn how and why to build user journey maps to map out understand the big picture in your user’s experience.

ISO 9241

Learn formal, international standards for human-centered design, accessibility, usability testing and more.

Gestalt Laws

Learn how psychological design principles should be considered when designing interfaces.


Identify key usability metrics to help drive business success.


Learn how to use iterative paper prototyping to quickly get feedback from users and explore high fidelity prototyping options.


Learn how to conduct formal usability tests and process learning points as well as heuristic evaluations and expert reviews as two other tools to evaluate interfaces.


Learn how the principles of the Lean UX methodology can be applied to startups and large corporates alike; identify quick wins & concrete next steps in how to begin UX inside your company.

What you get

  • 3 day training course
  • Training materials
  • Post-workshop consultation and support
  • One exam attempt post-training
  • Money-back guarantee

Public training dates in 2017

Makati, PH     May 11 – 12                 Register
Makati, PH     July 13 – 14                Register
Makati, PH     September 14 – 15    Register
Makati, PH     November 16 – 17      Register

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