Full UX and UI development

“On-Off Group did a great job interpreting our vision for this project and translating it into a much-improved user experience. They were easy to work with and delivered a great result ahead of schedule. I’d definitely turn to them again for our next project.” – Matt Mayberry, President, WholeWorks


Whole Works asked if we could help with redesigning an existing application they use to support single and multi-day workshops for C-level and down attendees.


WholeWorks helps organizations learn how to connect sustainability initiatives to their core business drivers. They focus on leadership development as a key source of leverage in bridging this integration gap–to help their clients achieve their sustainability goals.

The Challenge

The existing application functioned very well technically-speaking but required too much explanation before people could use it. We needed to create an intuitive interface so that a person seeing it for the first time could easily discover for themselves how the software worked.

The Work

Beginning with the client’s user personas, we used an iterative design process to move through user flow development to paper prototyping to high fidelity prototyping to visual design to HTML/CSS development. The new application was needed urgently and the whole process took 3 weeks and we were able to deliver 1 week early. The final deliverable was completed, mobile-responsive HTML/CSS ready for the client’s development team to work with.

See how we helped a major international bank

We were contracted by a major international bank who wanted to perform thorough usability tests on their new online banking interface. We recruited 10 individuals of a very specific profile and performed 10 full usability tests. We live streamed the usability tests to the client in the US who watched remotely.