Decrease development time

Move away from ‘I know what to do’ to ‘Let’s find out the right answer.’ We’re going to find out what works best for your users through iterative design to get to the right answer quicker before we move to development.

Better user experiences
Improved usability
Built with your user in mind
Reduced development costs
UX Design - On-Off Group

Our approach to Wireframing & Prototyping

✓ Persona Development – Personas help us understand who your customers are, what they think, what they feel etc. Generally, websites focus on 3 – 5 personas.


✓ User Flow development – What tasks will they perform on the site and how will they accomplish these tasks?


✓ Paper prototyping – Our team sketches ideas out on paper and presents their ideas to the team, we critique these ideas and do another round of design. It’s a very fast, prototyping technique that helps us iron out major design decisions before we start going into detail.


✓ Wireframing – A basic, structural layout of how your product will look in a digital format. Its purpose is to understand where the major elements on the page will be situated.


✓ High fidelity interactive prototyping with InVision, Balsamiq or Axure – We take the wireframe and develop an interactive version of the product. Once we have this, we can then proceed to the visual design section where we start to add your business’s branding elements.


See how we helped WholeWorks

WholeWorks asked if we could help with redesigning an existing application they use to support their simulation-based workshops for C-level and mid-level managers.