We're a team of creators and innovators.

On-Off Group is a leading consulting agency in the UX Philippine industry. For over 10 years, we have served the country’s leading brands in order to continue improving their services through Design Thinking frameworks and UX Principles.

As an innovation agency, we take your business problem and look at its opportunities for growth and pain points for improvement. Through collaboration, together we can create the best experiences through both our products.

These better experiences are driven by forward thinking strategists, researchers, designers, and innovators, who tap into the insights of your users to produce better relationships with your product. We have honed several of the industry’s leading UX practitioners who continue to find solutions and opportunities for various business pain points.

We operate at both ends of the spectrum

1 Strategy - What problem needs solving?
What is the underlying need?

2 Implementation - If we create a viable solution, how might we make it easier for people to use? How might we scale its impact?

We value


Empathy allows us to put people at the core of our methods, processes, and services, for our clients to continue and do the same.

Shared success

Your success is our success, Your struggle is our struggle. Shared success allows us to understand your pain points deeper, and achieve solutions together.


Excellence begets excellence. By this, we believe that in order to achieve your desired solution is through collaboration and being empathetic with stakeholders, clients, and our team.