Design Thinking Practitioner Certificate

Learn the key skills and principles of design thinking

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of Design Thinking with our expertly crafted program. This course is designed not just to teach you the theories but to transform the way you approach problems and solutions in both your professional and personal life.

On this course, you will:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into Design Thinking's five core stages, enhancing your ability to innovate and solve problems creatively and effectively.
  • Acquire deep empathy for user needs, learning to define problems clearly and constructively, setting the foundation for impactful solutions.
  • Master practical skills in prototyping and testing, applying real-world techniques to validate ideas and refine solutions through feedback.
  • Cultivate a mindset shift towards innovation and collaboration, preparing to lead and contribute to team-based, user-centric problem-solving efforts.
  • Complete the course and earn a certificate, demonstrating your commitment to and proficiency in applying Design Thinking principles in various contexts.

Certificate Details


Online, self-paced


1 - 3 months


1 - 4 hours / week


"The workshop made me see how important it is to look at challenges from a different perspective. Not blocking off any ideas at the start will help me as a Project Lead in guiding our stakeholders through the different requirements of our projects."

Vincent Bajamundi

Project Management Lead,

Tenet Global Health

"I highly recommend it! The entire training was enjoyable, and we had the opportunity to develop solutions for real-life challenges, making it a valuable experience."

Eliza Te,

Business Analyst,


"Design-Thinking is a great workshop for everyone, it will help every individual bring on their creativity and be open with possibilities and new ideas."

Clarisse Bernadette Z. Rodillo,

Channel Manager - Platform Procurement,


"The workshop builds up the client-centricity muscle of every employee. Therefore every employee would get to understand the needs of the clients rather than just focusing on what thy want."

Gino Paolo Villanueva,

Agile Coach,

Sun Life

"Design Thinking is a way to rewire your brain to look at the bigger picture and help you decide strategically."

John Paul Luga,

Solution Architect,


"I learned more to utilize empathy skills in problem-solving. If you want to apply a flexible approach to different business scenarios, you should attend this workshop!"

Godofredo Buning, Jr,

Case Management and Engineering,


"I learned how important it is to have both empathy and an agile mindset to better our design process. This will really help in giving more user-centric features in our product."

Dylan Lopez,

Chief Innovation Officer,


"I have attended a lot of training in the past, but this is one of the best training I had at least for the last 3 years. The online setup is perfect for this type of training. Miro has been a good collaboration tool. The trainer is very accommodating, he has a well-modulated voice and tone. The training gave a very fresh perspective and not info overload."


Business Analyst,


"The course didn’t just help me empathize with our clients and customers but also let me see what In1Go envisions for the company. When we want to grow, we feel better prepared now because of the new skills we learned."

John Carlo Obo,

Integrations Team,


Mark Nunez

"The program is really refreshing. It is an unorthodox way of solving problems. This program unleashed the creative, collaborative, and patient side in me I never thought I had."

- Mark Nunez, Customer Service Assistant, Meralco

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a problem-solving framework that combines creative and analytical thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems. It involves understanding user needs, ideating solutions, prototyping, and testing to create user-centered products and services.

Who is this Design Thinking course for?

This course is ideal for professionals across all industries looking to enhance their problem-solving skills, foster innovation, and apply a human-centered approach to their projects. It's suitable for designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in driving change.

Do I need prior experience in Design Thinking?

No, this course is designed to accommodate participants at all levels, including beginners. It provides a comprehensive introduction to Design Thinking principles and methodologies, with practical exercises to apply what you learn.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced, allowing you to progress at your own speed. Typically, participants can complete the course within a few weeks, depending on the time they can dedicate to learning and practicing the concepts.

What will I be able to do after completing this course?

Upon completion, you'll be able to approach problems with a Design Thinking mindset, conduct user research, ideate solutions, prototype, and test your ideas to develop innovative solutions that meet user needs effectively.

How do I get my certificate?

Submit the coursework given in the course and after grading, your certificate will be emailed to you.

Mark Nunez

"I enjoyed the design thinking course! Much impressed at your creative thought process. This course is definitely recommended!"

- Rocel Marz, VP & IT Group Head, Rebisco

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How Design Thinking Can Help

Design Thinking with Makati Medical Center Foundation and AFP

Makati Medical Center Foundation partnered up with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to work on improving the quality of the military hospital experience and communication between departments using Design Thinking.

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Empowering Philippine communities to better prepare for natural disasters

The TUKLAS team wanted to use Design Thinking as a method to empower diverse communities in the Philippines and help them foster creative thinking, to be able to create innovative solutions for better preparedness in cases of natural disasters.

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Supporting ADB in driving design-led innovation to the wider organization

ADB sought to inspire design-led collaboration in conjunction with their 6 Pillars of Innovative Thinking. By the end of our program, the participants developed a clear understanding of Human-Centered Design and how they could apply this to their work.

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Our Testimonials

Testimonial Image

"Design Thinking is new to me. Rather than the normal collaboration through brainstorming, it emphasizes on getting feedback first from the identified stakeholders via emphatically asking questions. All ideas coming out from it, including crazy ideas, are considered. It will not only help in creative thinking, but also put forward something that may someday lead to a solution."


Cebuana Lhuillier
Testimonial Image

"I enjoyed the Design Thinking Workshop! The sessions have given me a better appreciation for Design Thinking and an improved perspective on how to incorporate this in our opportunity management, considering my role usually deals with meeting the customers. Thank you very much for the very productive session! Looking forward to more engagements like this!"


MDI Novare Technologies Inc.
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"Thanks On-Off Group for sharing the Design Thinking technology. Moving forward, hopefully we could come up with innovative solutions to our challenges that are realistic and doable in a short period of time."


Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)