User Experience Certification

Learn the key skills and principles of user experience

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of User Experience (UX) with our meticulously designed program, accredited by the British Computer Society. This course is structured to do more than just teach you the theories; it aims to fundamentally change how you approach challenges and devise solutions, thereby enriching both your professional and personal life.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of UX design's core principles, enhancing your ability to innovate and creatively address issues.
  • Develop profound empathy for user needs, learning to articulate problems succinctly and constructively, thus laying the groundwork for effective solutions.
  • Acquire hands-on skills in UX prototyping and usability testing, employing practical methods to assess ideas and refine solutions based on user feedback.
  • Foster a mindset shift towards innovation and teamwork, preparing you to lead and participate in collaborative, user-focused design processes.
  • Complete the course and earn a certificate from the British Computer Society, showcasing your dedication and expertise in applying UX design principles across various scenarios.

Certificate Details


Live online (with an instructor)


3 days


8 hours per day for 3 days


P33,600 (inclues one exam attempt)


50% discount for students, government and NGOs


3 months to pay

2024 Dates:

June 17 - 19, September 10 - 12, December 10 - 12
"I like it most when Anj, our facilitator, shares anecdotes from her own personal experience in applying the concepts. Taking the course on a face to face set up was also helpful because it enabled candid interactions between participants and the facilitator which I think reinforced the learning. I will recommend On-Off Group. It gives better value for our investment as compared to other UX certification courses that I’ve come across with. They are also easy to deal with and are reasonably accommodating when it comes to our special requirements."

Ethel Joy Salazar

Customer Experience Head,

Insular Life

"The training was engaging given the virtual nature of it. I signed up so I can delve deeper into the best practices, standards awareness and UX common language at AIA. The UXC training with On-Off Group will help me in our company’s Design Thinking journey’s maturity."

Ajilex Fajardo,

Head of Corporate Solutions Digital Transformation and Project Management,

AIA Philippines

"I recommend taking On-Off Group’s UXC program to any professional who wants to jumpstart their UX journey. They prepared our course materials ahead of time and I really enjoyed the platforms they introduced to make our remote learning more engaging and fun."

Jerik Gonzales,

Research and Creative Services Manager,

Manila Water

"UX is definitely about well-placed and well-planned thoughtfulness on the ways we exchange information. Diving more deeply into UX and being introduced to its established "science", thus having more well-defined concepts, terms, and practices, gives me an avenue for easy learning, application, and sharing what I've learned. For an online class it really went well. I was expecting interactions will be less due to the setting but it still felt satisfying in the end."

Brian Ramos,

IT Manager,

"I really like the real-world examples of the different concepts. This allowed me to fully understand and imagine the concepts beyond textbook information. As someone who deals with content strategy, I think a key takeaway for me was not thinking immediately about solutions/end products but more about really figuring my persona and exploring design ideas."

Abigal Pichel,

PR and Engagemnt Lead,

Trend Micro

"I now appreciate that designers must understand the deeper motivations of the user because people tend to be unaware of what they truly want."

Maria Anya Paola Sanchez,

Occupational Therapist,

St Luke's Medical Center

"UX design is a collaborative and continuous process that should be baked into the development of any service, system, or product. I learned a lot during this workshop. Ms. Anj provided very clear and thorough explanation of the lessons."

Victoria Vizcarra

"UX is everything. It's what we do and experience on a day to day basis. I totally enjoyed and learned a lot in the workshop. Ms. Anj's is very informative, giving us helpful tips and also her vibe is "chill""

Sonny Yang,

UX Designer,

People Dynamics Inc.

"On-Off Group’s facilitator made it easier for me to understand various techniques to support our customers and enhance our app’s UI and UX from start to end. The examples and activities were also more relatable compared to other trainers’ and workshops. Facilitator allowed us to use our native language during discussion and made us more comfortable. The way the lessons were presented catches our attention and makes us more attentive compared to other trainers."

Melecio Duran Jr,

Business Analyst,

Insular Life

Cyrel Labrador

"The 3-day training was memorable and engaging because of the real-life topics and hands-on exercises. I’m excited to explore the world of human-centered design now that I am UX certified. Thanks On-Off Group for offering this program!"

- Cyrel Labrador, Marketing Intelligence Associate, Meralco

Frequently Asked Questions

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

UX Design focuses on creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

Do I need a background in design to take this course?

No, a background in design is not required. Our course is designed to be accessible to beginners and those new to UX, providing a comprehensive foundation in UX principles and practices.

What will I be able to do after completing this course?

Upon completion, you'll be able to apply UX principles to design projects, conduct user research, create user personas, design wireframes and prototypes, and test the usability of your designs.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is live online with an instructor and takes 3 days to complete.

Is there a certificate provided at the end of the course?

Yes, upon successful passing of the exam, participants will receive a certificate from the British Computer Society, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in UX Design.

What do I learn on each day of the course?

Day 1: Understand your user’s mindset

  • Introduction to UX: Understand the key principles of user-centered design
  • ISO 9241: Learn the multi-part standard covering ergonomics of human-computer interaction
  • User Research: Know user research techniques such as contextual inquiry, ethnography, site visit
  • Journey Maps: Build maps to understand the critical design paths in your user’s experience
  • Persona Creation: Create personas and other tools from user research data

  • Day 2: Fix your product’s user journey

  • Assessing Usability: Measure and analyze usability in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction
  • Information Architecture: Create a structured design flow of information through card sorting
  • Interaction Design: Design user interface patterns based on the sequence of the user's tasks
  • Mental Models: Understand how psychological models like eye tracking gaze patterns affect design
  • Visual Design: Apply principles of visual design to create ideal page layouts and user interfaces
  • Prototyping: Use iterative paper prototyping to get fast and actionable feedback from users

  • Day 3: Learn how to design, test, and reiterate

  • Evaluation: Learn how to evaluate products through User Testing using the RITE Method
  • Implementation: See how Lean UX methodology can be applied to various business processes
  • Examination: A paper–based 60 min. 40 question multiple choice exam for the BCS User Experience Foundation Certificate.
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