UX Certification

Learn the internationally-recognized standards of UX Research & Design – online and at home. No prerequisites required.

Upcoming Dates:
  • March 14 - 16, 2023
  • June 13 - 15, 2023
  • September 12 - 14, 2023
  • December 12 - 14, 2023
PHP 33,600 (incl. VAT and BCS examination fee)

How do I get UX Certified?

Attendees are given the opportunity to take the exam for the User Experience Foundation Certificate from the British Computer Society (BCS). The entire course is based on the exact syllabus of the BCS User Experience Foundation Certificate.

Passing the exam will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to colleagues, clients, and managers and distinguish yourself in User Experience with an independent qualification from BCS.

    What to expect in the 3 days:

    Day 1: Understand your user’s mindset
    • Introduction to UX: Understand the key principles of user-centered design
    • ISO 9241: Learn the multi-part standard covering ergonomics of human-computer interaction
    • User Research: Know user research techniques such as contextual inquiry, ethnography, site visit
    • Journey Maps: Build maps to understand the critical design paths in your user’s experience
    • Persona Creation: Create personas and other tools from user research data
    Day 2: Fix your product’s user journey
    • Assessing Usability: Measure and analyze usability in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction
    • Information Architecture: Create a structured design flow of information through card sorting
    • Interaction Design: Design user interface patterns based on the sequence of the user's tasks
    • Mental Models: Understand how psychological models like eye tracking gaze patterns affect design
    • Visual Design: Apply principles of visual design to create ideal page layouts and user interfaces
    • Prototyping: Use iterative paper prototyping to get fast and actionable feedback from users
    Day 3: Learn how to design, test, and reiterate
    • Evaluation: Learn how to evaluate products through User Testing using the RITE Method
    • Implementation: See how Lean UX methodology can be applied to various business processes
    • Examination: A paper–based 75 min. 40 question multiple choice exam for the BCS User Experience Foundation Certificate.

    Who should join?

    Individuals who want to learn about User Experience.

    Why? To gain baseline knowledge of UX Research & Design.

    This course teaches you the core fundamentals of User Experience in an easy to learn, hands-on setting with the perfect blend between activity and theory— from the comfort of your home.

    Companies who are frustrated by their product's poor UX.

    Why? To speak a common design and research language.

    Attending teams will leave with a solid understanding of UX tools, techniques, and processes that will help them work better together to upscale your company’s product user experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    I’m a beginner and I don’t know much about UX. May I start this course?

    Yes! It offers live training with all that you need to know.

    I have already been working in UX, is this still relevant to me?

    Yes! A certification always helps boost one’s CV, plus it’s always a good opportunity to learn more in your industry.

    What happens after I get my certification?

    There are several possibilities! You can start applying what you learned in producing your portfolio, share what you learned to your coworkers, take on an internship or a job as a researcher or designer, etc. UX is pretty flexible, and the only way to improve is to practice while keeping what you learned in mind. See you around!

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    I’m so happy that I was part of the October 2019 batch. The 3-day training was memorable and engaging because of the real-life topics and hands-on exercises.

    I’m excited to explore the world of human-centered design now that I am UX certified. Thanks On-Off Group for offering this program!
    Cyrel Labrador
    Marketing Intelligence Associate at Meralco