Our Team

Phil Smithson, CEO

As a hands-on CEO, he oversees the operations of On-Off Group. He leads the direction of a team of innovators and problem-solvers as tools to carry services that are human-centric and inclusive. His vision is to provide services that allow people to have a better relationship with online and offline services.

With more than 10 years of training experience in the field, he shares his passion for UX and Design Thinking through mentorship and growth through On-Off Group.

UX+ Co-Founder, UX+ Mentor, User Design Certified, Scrum Certified

Fun fact: Phil also speaks and understands Tagalog! Learn Tagalog Fast is one of his co-founding projects that aims to help people learn one of the main local languages in the most efficient manner possible, in the knack of time.

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Marc Wernicke, Head of Business Development and Sales

As the head of Business Development, Marc will lead you to the right product to get your solution. He has managed and connected with hundreds of clients, making him well-versed in understanding and translating your problems, making sure he connects you to the right department fit for your project.

Connect with Marc to start your project, or inquire to know what project fits best for you and your company.

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User Experience Reseacher Team

Our set of user experience researchers are well experienced in user insights, qualitative research, and usability test facilitation. They are BSO Certified and work with leading brands such as Meralco, Security Bank, Fully Booked, and more. Learn more about what we do here.

Yumi Puruganan, UX Lead

As Lead User Experience Researcher, Yumi leads a team of researchers in testing and evaluating products to uncover opportunity points and identify major pain points to improve upon and generate solutions for. Yumi has been a UXR for over 2 years, UX Certified by the British Computer Society, and has worked for a diverse set of clientele such as DOH, JTI, Manulife, JP Morgan, and more.

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Design Thinking Team

The Design Thinking team is full of experienced and educated facilitators and designers who are grounded on the principles of Design Thinking and UX Design.

Leo Lallana, Head of Design Thinking

As a Design Thinking specialist, strategist, and facilitator, Leo collaborates with groups, organizations, and companies in leading them to innovative solutions for their pain-point specific operations. Through Design Thinking methods and the Design Sprint process, he helps companies and people make faster decisions in taking action for big decisions.

Leo has been a facilitator for over 4 years, with over a hundred hours of DT facilitation. He has worked with the country’s leading brands such as Ayala Group, SM, Meralco, DSWD, DILG, DTI. You can see more of what he does here.

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Innovation Team

The company is encouraged to practice innovation and put ideas into action. While the team is focused on delivering projects for clients, the department ensures that the team continues to practice creativity, and have an avenue for these ideas.

Shaira, Innovations Head

Shaira works with and directly under the CEO in improving existing products and services, and to create new ones. She uses agile methods along with Design Thinking strategies in producing sprints for project facilitation.

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Administrative Team

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