UX Intern Case Studies

Bokashi Pinoy

Bokashi Pinoy is a social enterprise that focuses on diverting food waste away from landfills to regenerate soil in agricultural lands, driven by the goal to save the environment by creating a sustainable food system. 

Helping Young Adults Exercise Regularly

“Users tend to relate exercise with habits or routines. They start becoming inconsistent with exercise when their routine gets disrupted.”

Learning How to Do Adulting Tasks for Students and Fresh Graduates

“With everything transitioning online due to the current pandemic, searching for information via the internet is common to most of us, but this begs the question: What if this information isn’t easy to understand or process?“

Delivering user insights to an exporting company to help better serve their clients

During my stay at On-Off Group, I was given numerous opportunities to learn and grow as a UX Researcher, but nothing compares to having to lead your own research and take care of your own client. 1Export is a company that works with retailers and distributors to send their users’ products all over the world.

Helping a ticketing solution craft better experiences.

In learning more about the UX process as part of the internship program at On-Off Group, we were assigned to conduct user research for Hubtype, a computer software company that specializes in online communications based in Barcelona, Spain.

Task Management for Individuals with ADHD

“As someone who’s been living with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder all her life, the online setup has not exactly been the kindest to me. And I’d like to learn if other people with the condition have similar experiences with me as well as this has magnified the struggles I experience such as distractibility and the lack of time awareness .”

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