We help businesses create innovative products and services that blend the physical and the digital.


As the boundaries between real-world and digital interactions continue to merge, organisations have the opportunity to excite customers with new expressions of brands, products and services. 


We've helped some of the largest companies in the world:

We do this through:



Design is a human-centred way of discovering new opportunities, solving problems and challenging business as usual.  



Service design is an 'outside-in' way of designing business processes from a customer and employee perspective.



Experience design is focused on optimising the customer journey across multiple channels and touch-points.

Our services span three areas:


Disruptive Design

WE HELP Design the next 'business as usual.' 

Our methods provide deep and nuanced insight about new and existing markets, to create game-changing customer experiencesBusinesses that know their customers and seek their input on new products and services are leading the way. 


Research-Based Innovation

Innovative products & services are based on Quality customer insights.

  • We blend qualitative insight with market data to build viable business cases for innovation.
  • We don't stop at strategy; we design, prototype and implement too. 

Capability Building

We train people to thrive in the new competitive landscape. 

Next generation businesses lead the market by building internal capabilities such as resilience and adaptability.

  • Design is inherently people-centred. It's a mindset that is driven by purpose and meaning. 
  • New business culture is empathetic and respectful toward all people, from employees to customers.


What people say about us:


Jane Marshall, Programme LeaD, Telstra:

“I engaged On-Off to design the engagement and communications strategy of the Architecture Online and Media line-of-business. The value they bring is the ability to facilitate a fresh perspective, using design thinking to frame and overcome all kinds of challenges. In Hong Kong, I believe On-Off have founded something that’s different from anything else.

They’re ahead of the pack in terms of what they offer: human-centred design for impact and change, a rare ability to see the new world that’s emerging and the talent to help you exploit that to its fullest. That and the passion, energy and dedication to getting it right for you. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Emma Gangemi, Head of User Experience, Pearson:

"On-Off helped us understand how we could adapt our digital educational products to have broader appeal in the Chinese market. They presented some findings as prototypes and journey maps which we used to get buy-in from other parts of the business. By uniting different stakeholders, we were able to re-think our strategy specifically for Chinese customers.”