Benefits of attending a UX Certification training

During the digital transformation age, organizations are transitioning to the human-centered framework. They began to focus more on enhancing the end user’s experience. And it’s not a question of how they solve the problem, but whether they are solving the right problem in the first place.

15 years ago, User Experience Design was quite obscure and wasn’t as widespread as now. Some companies like Xerox have been implementing UX practices since the 60’s, but UX only grew to be a field of work by the early 2000’s. Nowadays, companies (from startups to corporations) are segueing to human-centered design framework and implementing the UX design methodology to create better relationships with their customers.

Considering other factors, having a UX Expert in your organization is a good investment. Here are the benefits of joining a UX Certification Training:

1. It’s cheaper than hiring a UX consultant

Training your employees is a long-term investment that should benefit your company throughout the years. Juxtapose to hiring a UX consultant, having in-house UX designers will make communication between projects more fluid and cohesive, as well as proving to be more inexpensive than the third-party counterpart.

2. It will upscale your team

UX courses are designed to provide your team with additional and valuable skills that are meant to bring about groundbreaking change within your company. It paves a way to create better products and services that are more efficient and in-line with the needs of your customers. Techniques like paper prototyping and various user-research methods will help guide the design process with minimal costs.

3. It helps you build better relationships with your customers

Understanding, connecting, and building for your customers strengthens their relationship with your brand more than anything else. And this is how companies grow – when your customers trust your brand over your competitors. This happens when you can provide a product or service that is relevant and solves real problems that they experience.

We are living in an era where everything is changing. And it’s impossible to really connect with people on a deeper level than chats and video calls. As an organization, it’s not enough that you simply reach the customers. You have to extend your hand and ask them, “How may I help you?”.

As a human-centered design methodology, User Experience focuses on precisely that: connecting with your customers. It gains most of its power from empathy and communication, and has proven to be a powerful tool in keeping a company relevant to the market.

Marco Manuel